Originated in Macau, Johncera is a worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier specialising in advanced ceramics.

In the 1990s, Johncera invested and established its first factory in Xiamen. Since then, the company has entered a stage of rapid growth. Until now, Johncera owns several business divisions and has established offices around the world.

Johncera's Prestige
Johncera is privileged to connect with many global industry leaders and become their trustful long-term partners in providing advanced ceramics products.
With great interests and comprehensive understanding of advanced ceramics, chemistry and minerals, Johncera has independent ideas for product development and have registered many related patents.
Johncera's factory joined the China Special Ceramics Association and participated in setting the national standard for advanced ceramics in China.
Johncera's Mission
Exploring the application of advanced ceramics is actually a long, repetitive, and tedious process, and many people have left for this reason. However, Johncera still insists on with great passion, because there are a lot of interesting and exciting applications waiting to be discovered. Therefore, Johncera strives to assist customers in creating value-added business offerings with advanced ceramics.
Johncera's Products
Johncera's products exhibit significant presence in many industries not only because they are of high quality and pricing advantages but also for the enhancement of customers' business values. Johncera listens to what customers want and delivers outperforming products accordingly. In addition to existing products, Johncera is continually generating new ideas and seeking applications that ceramics can provide better performance. For instance, Johncera works with mechanical manufacturing plants to improve the performance of the equipment with the assistance of ceramic components.
Johncera's Team
The development and production of advanced ceramics should not be viewed as an easy procedural job; in fact, every subtle improvement requires devotion with great enthusiasm and firm belief. Over the last 30 years, Johncera's talented researchers and technicians have spent a lot of time repeating experiments to explore the possibilities of advanced ceramics. Their ingenuity and experience provide a solid foundation, allowing Johncera to fulfil customers' needs with the most reliable and innovative products.
Johncera's Capacity
Johncera has excellent production capacity, possessing a complete production chain from powder processing, precision machining to product finalisation. With a modern ceramic manufacturing base of 100,000 sqm and over 20 high-temperature automatic kilns, as well as an experienced production and management team, Johncera is able to mass-produce high-performance ceramic products with stable quality and delivery.