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Introduction of global advanced ceramic industry companies - Japan


Japan is the world's largest producer of advanced ceramics, with a 42% increase in production by 2000 and a 74% increase by 2005. In 2000, the output value of the Japanese ceramic industry accounted for 50% of the entire Japanese traditional industry. Compared with the United States, Japan's advanced ceramics is second to none in the field of functional ceramics, and has a strong competitive advantage in the research and application of structural ceramics and ceramic powder.

Major Japanese advanced ceramics companies

Name of advanced ceramic enterprise

Brief Introduction


Founded in 1959 by Kazuo Inamori, the company is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

Main types of ceramics: bio-ceramics, dielectric ceramics, electronic ceramics, metal ceramics, microwave dielectric ceramics, chip multilayer ceramics.

Sumitomo Chemical

Established in 1913, it is one of Japan's representative comprehensive chemical companies, ranking second in the Japanese chemical industry.

Ceramic types: electronic ceramics, high-purity alumina ceramics.

Tokuyama Chemicals

Located in Tokyo, founded in 1918, our main business is the production and sale of caustic soda, vinyl chloride, cement, polysilicon, pyrogenic silicon dioxide, high-purity pharmaceuticals for the electronics industry, aluminum nitride, microporous films, and dental materials.

Nippon light metal

A comprehensive manufacturer of aluminum raw material-grade processed products, its main business is alumina, formed parts, electrode foil, aluminum alloy, heat exchangers, plates, etc.

Ceramic types: high purity alumina ceramics。


Hitachi Metals

Established in 1920, it is one of Japan's eight largest electrical manufacturers, mainly producing household appliances, computer products, industrial machinery and other products.

Ceramic types: transparent ceramics, ferrite.

Kyocera's main advanced ceramic products

Japan’s Kyocera Corporation was founded by Kazuo Inamori in 1959. Many people in China don’t know much about it.Intel Corporation, the world's dominant computer chip, uses the precision ceramic IC surface packaging technology of Kyocera Corporation,people thus from the side to feel the powerful strength of Kyocera.


Brief Introduction


Ceramic parts for industrial equipment

The mechanical and chemical properties of precision ceramics, which are superior to those of metals and resins, are fully utilized to support the development of various industries.



Sapphire substrate for LED

The substrate of the GaN layer that produces the LED. Single crystal sapphire with high reliability is used.


Precision ceramics widely used in SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell)

This fuel cell generates electricity and heat (hot water) by extracting hydrogen from gaseous fuels such as city gas and reacting it with oxygen in the air. Its core part of the battery pack integrates the manufacturing technology that Kyocera has accumulated during the development of precision ceramic materials to improve power generation efficiency and durability.


Industrial ceramic cutting tools

Through high-speed cutting and high-efficiency processing, it plays an important supporting role in the production line of automobiles, construction machinery, aerospace and other industries.


Solar Related Products

Kyocera began researching and developing solar cells, and later developed products such as 

storage batteries and energy management systems (EMS).


Medical Products

Kyocera has developed medical products such as artificial joints and artificial tooth roots using ceramic and metal material technologies and 

surface treatment technologies.

Ceramic kitchenware



Kyocera’s unique crystallization technology produces jewelry that has the same composition as natural gemstones.


Ceramic kitchenware

Kyocera has launched a series of light, rust free, sharp and durable kitchenware, which has

won wide praise from users due to its convenient use.


China's main advanced ceramic enterprises

At present, the domestic advanced ceramic industry is mainly concentrated in Shandong, Jiangxi, advertising, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. 2015 the proportion of the output value of these provinces accounted for about 70% of the national output value.


Among them, East China's larger advanced ceramics industry base in Shandong Zibo, Jiangsu Yixing, Central China's larger advanced ceramics industry base in Jiangxi Pingxiang, South China's larger advanced ceramics industry base in Guangdong Foshan.


Domestic advanced ceramics well-known representative enterprises are mainly Xiamen Johncera  Group, DONGGUAN MINGRUI CERAMIC TECH CO. LTD., St.Cera Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Fangtai New Material Technology Co., Ltd., KemaTek Materials Technologies and other enterprises.